Heya, it's me Daniel, I'm 17, I draw things, and make music. this is my newsground profile. gonna also post my stuff here.
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Unicide's News

Posted by Unicide - June 17th, 2021

Alright, just a couple of things before I go in.

I finished my finals last week and currently on summer break.

yeah that's all for that

DA VENT(chi?)

So, as you may have known(which makes jackshit sense since I never brought up anything about my life in school).

I have said that I had taken my STs(Standardized Tests) last month. and stuff.

but recently I had been notified that, other than science. i had failed all of them. though I actually almost passed math, if it weren't for me missing a single question and getting it wrong. since that warranting for having to retake it.

yeah, i have to retake them next week. Tuesday with English and Wednesday with algebra.

but i think ill do good.

sorry for starting to get quick. but whatever. i think I'll still doing good.

if you're still reading. thanks, I guess. see you soon?

IDK . that's all.


Posted by Unicide - June 17th, 2021


Posted by Unicide - June 14th, 2021

And with this. i shall embrace it by putting out 2 things.

1.im am bisexual~ uwu

2.This video

I didn't make the vid tho. its from Khonjin House

yea i got nothin else. have a happy pride month



Posted by Unicide - May 31st, 2021

Life asked Death:

Life: Why do people love me and people hate you?

Death replied:

Death: Because you're a beautiful lie and I'm a painful truth.

Life asked again:

Life: What about people who hate me and people who love you?

Death replied:

Death: They're called suicidal people

Posted by Unicide - May 10th, 2021


NOTICE:im not actually mad, felt like posting this cause funny. feel free to take this down if you want.

Posted by Unicide - May 7th, 2021

There was this problem I was having with the player where it would say that I needed adobe flash player despite the ngplayer being for, yeah whatever.

but, it's finally working again. so now I can play all the classic newground games I want


Posted by Unicide - May 1st, 2021

Yeah, happy pico day.

other than that, i'll probably just post some updates on stuff, plus when some vids come out.


Posted by Unicide - March 19th, 2021

a news post.

and my old newground account from 5 years ago

yeah i forgot my password for that one. check it out if you wanna

Posted by Unicide - February 20th, 2021

That's right, I made a Newgrounds. cause why not? anyway welcome, hope you enjoy it here.

I'm just gonna post some music I have posted on my Bandcamp and maybe some art I put up on twitta.

so yeah...