Heya, it's me Daniel, I'm 17, I draw things, and make music. this is my newsground profile. gonna also post my stuff here.
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Unicide's News

Posted by Unicide - March 18th, 2022


Video has loud noises flashing lights and other scary thingas.

Watch at your own risk...

A scary video is now here i guess check it out !!!!


Mickey answers emails, now in a non-upsetting way, definitely nothing horrific gonna happen here!!!

Watch Here (WGJ4K-Mickey's Rebuttal [CENSORED])


Posted by Unicide - March 18th, 2022

Should i break the pattern?

The pattern being like one post has no emote and the other one does i guess. something like that idk

Posted by Unicide - March 4th, 2022

Yeah, just some vaporwave signalwave shit ig idk.

1st 2 tracks i made awhile ago, while the last 2 i made like, the same day the ep launched, so uh. yeah

that’s that.

So if ya like infinity frequencies. then. i guess you would like this? idk

ZOOMER NIGHTMARE-bootleg infinity frequencies signaldookies

Download for free, or pay real actual money if you wanna ig.

Just a something before i put out my other full length album, over an hour long man (tho it is just a buncha really old shit before i was zoomer nightmare so, i guess it’s really easy to fill up an album with this i guess.

So, uh. have fun listening i guess, i dont know.


(copied this from my buzzly, im not typing new stuff ig, idk)


Posted by Unicide - February 25th, 2022


Yeah, made an ad thing for the album. watch on youtube ig

It's real cool?

The Ad itself

Enjoy and laugh i guess idk.

Download the Album for free or pay for it as well !!!!! :D


Posted by Unicide - February 20th, 2022

Hey guys just released a new album yesterday i guess

This one hehehe

Just a bunch a gabber and jungle and breakcore and dnb stuff, and some chiller stuff and like and ambient track idk. just wanting to say i made it i guess.

Most of the tracks are pretty old, well, the first 6 tracks are pretty recent. but the last ones were originally for an older ep i never released out of pure. not feeling liking i guess.

BUT, i have this album so uh. Enjoy it i guess.

Thanks for you patience as well. im talk about this on my other stuff. and maybe upload the music from their to other sites as well. so uh yeah

Again, thank you for your patience ^^

feddy fastber


Posted by Unicide - January 13th, 2022

Hell yea just turned 16 i guess. only 2 more years till i become a grown ass man i guess.


Nothing special other then replacing 15 with 16 on my bios i guess.



Posted by Unicide - December 20th, 2021

Im not really into the comment sections of newgrounds wouldn't call em cringe. they just give off that vibe idk.

i guess it's one of the very few things im not very fond of on this cool website. dunno

Also, the moistcritikal guy on the banner is not me. chose that cuz funny

The Floof fox boi in my pfp tho, that is me, hands down

Thanks for reading i guess

Posted by Unicide - November 21st, 2021

I dunno, it's cool


Anyways check out my cool stuff on other websites

Ma Yotuba

The Worst Place to ever curse the internet apparently

I make music B) also

Yea idk, guess i wanted to post another blog i guess. egh

Yeah thanks for reading i guess.

to anyone i had hurt over the years, am sorry

Posted by Unicide - November 11th, 2021

Hey, its me again. Just wanting to say that im alive i guess. I would talk about what was happening since i last posted or anything. But eh. I guess ill just say that ive been feeling, off mentally ig. Idk. That lead to me being less active on here or somethin.

Yeah thats all im gonna say. Im just finally posting something on newgrounds for once just so i can remind you guys that im not dead or something.

I might post again after this. But expect me to be really active. Might post in another couple of months if i dont feel different.

Yeah idk im just gonna end it here so

Thanks for reading this i guess

So uhh


See ya


Posted by Unicide - August 5th, 2021

Hmm, how shall i celebrate this.


idk, i got this below

Heres someplace even lower